Poster promoting the art and craft of Aboriginal people. The printed text is written in the Aboriginal language Warlpiri with English translations. Warlpiri country includes parts of the central and northern Tanami Desert in Central Australia. The text reads: 'Nguru nyampu-wardingkinyayirni/ Australian Made/ Nyiyakanti-kantiji kamparrunyayairni walkyaku nyampukunyyirni*/ The Art and Craft of the First Australians/ *Literal translation of Warlpiri: Belonging to our very own place; Everything we make, we the first who belong to this our own place.' The poster is one of a series designed by Chips Mackinolty.

Physical Description

Colour ink on paper. Title: 'Nguru nyampu-wardingkinyayirni Australian Made'. Features a hand holding a boomerang with a red and black background. White printed text in Warlpiri and English.


Nguru nyampu-wardingkinyayirni

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