Claris FileMaker II, released in 1990, is a database development tool with sample templates. Claris Corporation was a company wholly owned by Apple Computer Inc.

Several innovative databases have been available since the early days of the Macintosh, including Omnis, Helix (1984) and 4D, but it was the ease of use of FileMaker, which really caught on.

In 1988 FileMaker was taken over by Apple subsidiary Claris (later FileMaker Inc) and became cross platform in 1992. The look and feel of the Windows version was designed to be identical with the Macintosh version.

This is a flat file (i.e. non-relational database) database distinguished by its 'free-form' drawing and typographic tools for creating layout views of the records, moving away for the rigid 'spread-sheet' format. This software was developed at the time exclusively for the Macintosh platform. FileMaker was originally developed by Nashoba Systems from a product called 'Nutshell' and was released on the Macintosh platform in 1985 as FileMaker. It was followed by FileMaker Plus in 1986, FileMaker 4 in 1988 and then FileMaker II later in 1988. Later versions incorporated relational capabilities.

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Physical Description

This software package contains a box in slip cover or sleeve, 3 manuals and four disks and a range of documents. This software package contains a box in slip cover, manuals and four disks and a range of leaflets Manual (248 page spiral bound) Four 3 1/2 inch disks 800k in plastic sleeves 1. Claris FileMaker II label with pencil inscription 1.09 2 2. Claris FileMaker II label : "Examples"with pencil inscription 2 3. Claris FileMaker II label with pencil inscription 1.1v2 4. Claris FileMaker II label with additional label " Public Folder Compliments of Claris" "A Quick - Reference Card " - (bifold) "FileMaker® II Network - Using FileMaker® on a Network" (forty page booklet) "FileMaker® II Templates - Guide to FileMaker Templates" (thirty six page booklet) "Technical solutions:: newsletter December 1989 (a sixteen pages) Letter from Australian Distributor - MicroAustralia (Single A4 page) "Support Service and Registration" - Booklet additional documents: "Packing List" (single side page) "UPGRADES" - "Information", "Additional Products", "Order Form" (trifold page) "International Update" (single side page) "New Feature" (single side page) a single page of eight international mailing stickers

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