Paper "Kodak" negative wallet that originally contained sensitized paper for 5 3/4 x 3 inch images. When received by Museum Victoria it contained numerous black and white negatives from photographs taken during World War I, primarily in the Middle East.

Part of a collection of World War I photographs associated with the service of Lionel Knox Trezise (service no. 14340), father of the donor John Trezise. Lionel was a 'reliving postmaster and telegraphist' when he enlisted on 22 March 1916. He was placed in the 1st Australian Wireless Signal Squadron as a sapper, serving with the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force. During his service he apparently took photographs in India, Sri Lanka and Mesopotamia (Iraq and neighbouring regions). After returning to Australia in 1919 he married and became a public servant. He died in 1972. Lionel's brother John Gordon (Jack) Trezise also served in World War I (service no. 5105). He enlisted on 2 March 1916 while a 26-year-old shop assistant in Broken Hill, and was killed in action in France on 1 June 1918.

Description of Content

Group of Middle Eastern men, women and children seated on the desert ground, with a minaret in the background.

Physical Description

Brown paper envelope for holding negatives, featuring the photographic brand name printed on one side in dark green ink. A sticker, once sealing the envelope but now torn, is adhered at the opening, printed in yellow, black and green. The paper is badly torn.

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