Navy and Marine Service Cross, 1914-1918 issued by Germany, 1921.
Also known as the "Flanders Cross".

"The Cross was instituted on 13 September 1921 by Admiral Ludwig von Schroder, the former commander of the Marinekorps Flandern and its Kameradschaftsverband (Veterans' Association) in honour and remembrance of former members of the Corps. In August 1914 the German High Command decided to create an expeditionary force of Marines in Flanders. By November 1914, two divisions were in place, to be joined by a third in June 1917. The Corps was involved in heavy fighting, demonstrated by the ten bars associated with the medal."

Obverse Description

Cross bearing crossed swords between its arm, featuring a central achor supporting a crown interlinked with the letter "W" (Kaiser Wilhelm II) framed by a laurel wreath. "Zur See / Im Felde / Unbe- siegt" (translates to At Sea, in the Field, Undefeated).

Reverse Description

Reverse features the Imperial German Naval war ensign framed by a laurel wreath. Above is the Flemish lion, below the date "1914/18". The left and right arms inscribed "Marine Korps" respectively.

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