Mecklenberg-Schwerin Military Merit Cross, 2nd class, issued by Germany in 1914.

"Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II established the Military Merit Cross on 5 August 1848. It was re-authorised for issue on 28 February, 1915, by Friedrich Franz IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The new version was dated 1914 and awards were back issued to the beginning of the war. During World War I the Cross could also be awarded to non-combatants, including those supporting the war effort on the home front."

Obverse Description

Bronze gilt cross with crown at the top, "FF" (the initials of Friedrich Franz) in the centre, and the date "1914" at the base.

Reverse Description

Reverse bears the text: "Fur Auszeichnung im Kriege" (For Meritorious Service in War).

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