Verdun medal with bar designed by G. Prudhomme, France, 1916.
This unofficial medal was "created on 20 November 1916 by the Municipal Council of Verdun to commemorate the heroism of its defenders. Originally intended to be awarded to those who served on the Verdun front between 21 February 1916 and 2 November 1916, the medal was, in fact, awarded to those who served anywhere on the Argonne and St Mihiel sectors between 31 July 1914 and 11 November 1918. The original, and most commonly found, version was by Vernier but since supplies of this medal were inadequate, others created Verdun medals and at least seven versions of varying rarity are known".

Obverse Description

Bust of uniformed figure wearing helmet and facing left symbolises the French Republic. He is framed by a laurel branch and text; 'VERDUN 1916', and artist's name 'G. PRUDHOMME'.

Reverse Description

Blank plaque framed by roses above the text; 'AUX GLORIEUX DEFENSEURS DE VERDUN' (To the Glorious Defenders of Verdun).

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