Passenger contract ticket for the 'Carpentaria', leaving from Liverpool for Melbourne on 1 May 1854 for sum of 18 pounds. Ticket issued to 31 year old August Kleiner, by Frackleton's American Emigration Office, Liverpool.

The 1,460 ton square-rigged ship 'Carpentaria' arrived in Hobsons Bay on 1 August 1854 carrying 542 second and third-class passengers, after a passage of 79 days. This was the day after the arrival of the more famous clipper ship the 'Lightning', on her maiden voyage from Liverpool.

Physical Description

Blue paper ticket with black print and inscribed in black ink with pencil notes of room accomodation. Torn along left hand edge.


The emigration ticket of passage provides a rare documentary record of 19th century emigration to Australia.

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