Leaflet for drug Sedatabs, manufactured by Sigma Company Ltd., Melbourne, Australia, circa 1960. Administered as a mild sedative-analgesic (combined sleep inducing and pain relieving). Stocked in the pharmacy of a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia. The active ingredients in Sedatabs included Carbromal (85 mg), Bromvaletone (65 mg), Aspirin (170 mg) and Magnesium Carbonate (85 mg). Sedatabs were recommended for patients suffering from restlessness, fatigue, pain and irritability due to pain, convalescent discomforts and anxiety. Sedatabs claimed to spare the patient from the unwanted side-effects common to other heavier sleeping tablets such as loss of appetite, constipation and a "hang-over" feeling. Also recommended for children suffering from ear and tooth pain.

Physical Description

Paper leaflet folded in half with black text entitled SIGMA SEDATABS. The first page describes the ingredients for each tablet and describes its action. The second and third pages describe indications and metabolism. The fourth page provides dosage advice and gives the company details at the bottom.

More Information