Naval General Service Medal 1915-1962, George V 1st Issue, Specimen, with mount and three bars: PERSIAN GULF 1909-1914, IRAQ 1919-1920, N.W. PERSIA 1920.

This is a Royal Mint specimen of the medals awarded to those who were involved in naval actions between 1909 and 1936. Medals were awarded with bars to indicate which action the medal had beren awarded for.

Obverse Description

A bust of George V in the Admiral of the Fleet uniform, head bare facing left; around, GEORGIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:.

Reverse Description

Britannia standing on the back of a pair of hippocampi advancing rapidly through the oceans to left; in her right hand she brandishes a trident while in her left she steadies an oval shield bearing the Union flag.

Edge Description


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