This scarf design was commissioned by Melbourne Museum in 2002, from Fresca Australia. It was produced to sell in the shop as a high quality souvenir of the most popular exhibit Phar Lap. It was printed and made in Japan. Its original price was $49.95, but was reduced to $10.00 in June, 2006.

Physical Description

The scarf is made of 100% silk, and has a full colour printed design of jockey Jim Pike riding the race horse Phar Lap in the 1930 Melbourne Cup, with details printed in black text underneath. There are two labels attached; one for Melbourne Museum, and one for the maker `Fresca Australia'. It is enclosed in its original clear plastic wrapper, with original Melbourne Museum price tags.


The scarf is an example of the kinds of souvenirs produced by Museum Victoria/Melbourne Museum for sale to the visitors. It is also interesting as an example of the type of merchandise which didn't sell at the Museum, and had to be reduced in price, which may be a reflection of its original price and of the kinds of merchandise that visitors to Melbourne Museum are prepared to buy.

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