Computer documents consisting of DECUS membership application forms, Special Interest Group, Program Library ordering forms, and a Program Check List, to accompany the DEC PDP-8 Data Processor Minicomputer. Made by DECUS [Digital Equipment Computer Users Society] in America about 1968.

The Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS) was set up by early users of the PDP-1 computer, which was manufactured by Digital Electronic Corporation (DEC), in Massachsetts, United States of America. The creation of DECUS was driven by the need to share information and computer programs for the PDP-1. One of the key reasons was that early users had to write their own software; DEC initially sold only hardware. Set up in 1961, DECUS grew to be one of the largest international societies of computer users in the world.

Physical Description

Computer documents consisting of hand-typed DECUS membership application forms, a black and white printed Special Interest Group form, Program Library ordering forms complete with carbon copying paper attached to the back of the form, and a blue coloured Program Check List.

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