Blue and white enamelled badge, alternatively known as a lapel pin, was produced for the People's Liberal Party and features a white map of Australia inscribed 'FOR AUSTRALIA'. Some medals issued around the time of Australia's federation suggested that a federated Australia was not supported by everyone. The frequent use of a white map of Australia reinforced the government's desire to create a trade-protected, white, predominantly British population. In September 1911 the People's Liberal Party was formed from a merger between the Commonwealth Liberal Party (formed 1909) and the People's Party. 'The People's Liberal Party has from its foundation stood for a national policy of Protection. It has been as loyal to this policy during its comparatively brief life of seven years as has the 'Age' newspaper during its long and zealous career.' (People's Liberal Party (Vic.) Women's Division, 1915.)

Physical Description

Blue and white enamel badge, showing a white coloured, gold inscribed Australia map at centre. It is edged with gold and encircled by a blue border, which is also inscribed. There is a pin on the reverse.

Obverse Description

On map in centre, "FOR AUSTRALIA", surrounded by circle inscribed "PEOPLE'S LIBERAL PARTY".

Reverse Description

[illeg] / [illeg] PO PLACE

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