Green handmade badge created for the 1993 Tallangatta Women on Farms Gathering. Denise, Kylie & Yvette Kirk made these badges using a machine borrowed from the Tallangatta Hospital. Denise was on the committee for the 1993 Tallangatta Gathering and her children Kylie and Yvette also attended the Gathering. All members of the 1993 Tallangatta Gathering committee wore these badges on their sunvisors during the Gathering weekend and some were for sale at the Gathering.

Physical Description

Green round handmade Badge with logo of Tallangatta Gathering 1993.


This object was made and collected by Denise Kirk, a member of the organising committee for the 1993 Tallangatta Gathering. It represents and celebrates the voluntary work of those women who worked on the committee to bring about the Gathering. According to Denise, working voluntarily on the committee was a beneficial experience: 'I gained confidence to approach business people and seek correct and useful information while discovering my own and other women's talents and friendship. I gained vitality and determination to stand up for women farmer's rights and ideas (1993 Tallangatta Gathering Proceedings)'. A key feature that unites all Victorian Women on Farms Gatherings is the voluntary nature of these events. Women from the local region usually come together approximately one to two years prior to the Gathering to begin planning and organising, which includes securing a venue, sponsorship, accommodation, catering, publicity, tours, workshops and speakers. During the event the organising committee continue to oversee and run the Gathering, and it is customary for them to wear something that will make them identifiable to Gathering participants. Objects such as this badge represent the voluntary contribution that these women have made not only to the Gatherings themselves, but also to their local communities and to the wider rural women's movement in Australia.

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