Sticker from the 1994 Glenormiston Women on Farms Gathering. This sticker was given to participants in their registration bag at the beginning of the Gathering. The logo for the Glenormiston Gathering, to the left of the sticker, was chosen to represent the varied kinds of Western District farming, and depicted grapes, sheep, horses, dairy, grain and harvesting. The theme for the Glenormiston Gathering was 'Survival, Support and Success.' According to Lorraine Ermacora, chair of the Glenormiston organising committee, 'Survival, Support and Success epitomises the state of agriculture in this region today. Some of our land is suffering degradation, some commodities are barely surviving and others are succeeding'.

This item is part of Museums Victoria's Invisible Farmer Project Collection. The Invisible Farmer Project was the largest ever study of Australian women on the land, uncovering the histories and stories of Australian women in agriculture and addressing the absence of rural women in mainstream histories and museums. It began as a pilot project (2015-2016) and evolved into a three year (2017-2020) nation-wide partnership between rural communities, academic, government and cultural organisations, funded by the Australian Research Council.

Physical Description

White rectangular sticker with green logo of the Glenormiston Women on Farms Gathering logo, 1994.

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