Videotape of interviews with Anita Apinis Herman and Leopoldine Mimovich.

Anita is second generation Latvian weaver, she was taught by her mother Anna and then undertook further training at the Melbourne College of Textiles.

Leopoldine Mimovich is a sculptor and painter. She was born in the South Tyrol district of Austria (now Italy) and migrated to Australia in 1949. She had studied sculpting in Vienna and in Hallstatt and continued to sculpt in Australia. Her work explores mainly Christian themes and she has gained widespread recognition for her work within the Australian Christian community.

Description of Content

Footage of interviews with Anita Apinis Herman and Leopoldine Mimovich. The interview includes why they migrated to Australia. How they came to be artists, the processes and techniques used in their art, whether their art traditional, contemporary or a mix of both, and their motivations and inspirations which inform their artistic practice. Anita was born in Sydney in 1952 after her family had migrated from Latvia in 1950 following World War Two. Anita's mother Anna wove traditional Latvian costumes and fabrics and passed these skills onto Anita. Anita uses a mix of traditional and contemporary influences in her weaving, often mixing traditional Latvian designs with contemporary colours drawn from the Australian landscape. Leopoldine arrived in Australian in 1949 with her husband, she had trained to be an artist in Austria first undertaking training with her father who was an interior decorator and then going to art school where she trained as a sculpture. Since she arrived in Australia Leopoldine's wood carving has changed from very Baroque in style to drawing move on influences from the Australian landscape.

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1 Video, VHS Tape

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