A man and a woman seated at the entrance of a shelter made of bark with a windbreak added to one side. Another shelter can be seen in the background. The woman is wrapped in a blanket and the man is wearing a possum skin cloak with the fur on the inside. Using a zoom feature and focusing on the man's cloak reveals a design that is perfectly regular in its chequered pattern. Both are wearing headbands. Two spears stand upright, with a third resting on the ground next to what seems to be campfire that is yet to be lit. Original print from the R.E. Johns album. Written in front of album is: 'R.E. Johns from Hudson Williamson, Barkly, Victoria, 1862. The handwritten entry in the index at the front the of the album provides a the following information: 'Aboriginal Hut, or Gunyah, at Cobrain, New South Wales 1868'. No other information regarding their names or the photographer's name has been recorded. The locality has been noted in the caption however this may refer to either Cobran, NSW or Cobram, Victoria. The dates entered into the index along side each entry most likely refers to the the date the photograph was created or added to the album.

Physical Description

Albumen print. Adhered to standard cardboard stock. Print is inserted into window mount through openings at the top and bottom of the page. The page is sealed on two sides. Mount has gilded edging and the window is framed by a decorative gold border. One of 52 photographs in an album dated 1862 with an index located at the front. Page number "19" annotated top right-hand corner.

More Information