This photograph is taken around the turn of the twentieth century and from the bicornial basket being carried by the man, he comes from the rainforest region of north Queensland. The basket is identified as a "bundol for gathering food". The objects in the collection from the photographer Alfred Atkinson mostly come from the area of Atherton on the Tableland or around Cairns. This same man and child can be seen in another Atkinson photograph in the collection (see XP15767).

Physical Description

Print. Black and white. Annotation on reverse of photo.


This image is amongst those held by the British Museum and other institutions like the John Oxley Library in Brisbane. Alfred Atkinson is most likely the photographer as this image and many similar ones that include this man and child have been widely published and credited to "Alfred A. Atkinson" as the photographer. The man here appears in other known images by Atkinson. In those of a group of people, he carries another child, while a different man carries this child on his shoulders.

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