Booklet No. 18 in Treaty Series 1970 issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs. It contains the Migration and Settlement Agreement Between Australia and Malta which entered into force on 1 July 1970. This 1970 Agreement represents a long line of such agreements, including Assisted Passage Agreements, entered into by the Australian Government and select countries after World War II in order to facilitate immigration from those nations.

This agreement with Malta follows on from the Assisted Passage agreement signed with Malta in 1948. It includes the establishment of an Australian Migration Office in Malta (at the Australian Government's expense), exchange of information regarding Maltese settlement experiences, equal rights under law, social service, industrial and health benefits, funds transfer, access to training and qualifications recognition. The agreement has been signed by Phillip Lynch, Minister for Immigration.

Physical Description

10 pages plus cover, staple bound, white cover with Commonwealth of Australia crest at masthead, black title text.

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