Review of the The Australian Citizenship Act 1948 by the Human Rights Commission, published by the Australian Government Publishing Service in August 1982. This report on the human rights aspects of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948, was conducted in response to proposed government amendments to the Act. Key areas of concern include: the definition and use of term 'alien'; citizenship application requirements; loss of citizenship; oath/affirmation of allegiance renunciation; discrimination via preferential treatment on basis of national origin, sex or marital status. It lists recommendations for changes to the Act. The appendices include relevant sections of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948; Racial Discrimination Act 1975; Migration Act 1958 and various international covenants.

This booklet demonstrates the process of amending immigration and settlement related legislation and the role of the Human Rights Commission in this process during the 1980s.

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Ten page plus cover, staple bound, white booklet with navy cover.

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