One of a set of drawings for the construction of the Melbourne Observatory at South Yarra. The plans are dated 1861 and construction of the main buildings at the Observatory was completed in 1863.

The Melbourne Observatory Collection comprises scientific instruments and other objects as well as some documents and images from the Observatory from its operations between 1863 and 1944.

Physical Description

Drawing for the Melbourne Observatory showing the detail of shutters to First Transit Room, dated 20 November 1861. The drawing features four cross-sectioned diagrams: 1) Main diagram details overall mechanical hand-lever component, for shutter mechanism; 2) Lower diagram illustrates elevation of open shutter; 3) Centre left hand diagram illustrates "Contrepoise" mechanical component of shutter; 4) Lower left hand diagram illustrates front elevation of hand lever, and plate attached to wall. Diagrams are illustrated in black ink pen, on off-white coloured paper. Discolouration, brown staining, and mould throughout plan. Two tears to lower edge. Loss to paper in upper right hand corner.Top and bottom edges have curled inwards.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Melbourne Observatory Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Science & Measurement

  • Place & Date Designed

    Melbourne Observatory, South Yarra, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1861

  • Inscriptions

    Title printed in black, centre top of plan: "MELBOURNE OBSERVATORY / DETAIL OF SHUTTERS TO TRANSIT ROOM" Written in black ink pen, lower left hand corner: "Public Works Office / Melbourne 20. 11. 61 G.J." Written in black ink, beneath bottom diagram: "Elevation of open Shutter. / Scale 1/2 Inch to a foot" Written below diagram on centre left hand side: "Contrepoise" Written below diagram on lower left hand side: "Front Elevation / of Lever and Plate" / Handwritten in pencil: "6ft from / Floor" Written beneath centre diagram: "Scale 1/8 of an Inch to an Inch" / Handwritten in pencil beside diagram: "1 wall (Door) 14 / 1 - 18" Handwritten in pencil on verso of plan upper left hand corner: "Melbourne Observatory / Plans + drawings 1862" / along bottom edge: "Shutter W Transit Room Melb O..."

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    Astronomy, Research, Plans

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    History & Technology

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    78 cm (Length), 56.5 cm (Width)

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    Astronomy, Observatories, Plans