Cartoon of Phar Lap with his nose in a feeding bag, with the logo of the Crown Casino, as published in The Age of 10 April 1997. The drawing was done by John Spooner to illustrate an article by Martin Flanagan called "Life in a one-horse town".
At the time the cartoon was drawn, the Museum on Swanston Street was closed and the Casino offered to house Phar Lap.

Physical Description

Blue & black ink wash drawing on cream coloured cardboard. It depicts a horse eating from a charf bag, which has the Crown Casino logo on the front. Inscriptions written in pen and pencil on the right side of the board.


Mr Spooner has agreed to donate the original art work for his drawing to the Museum. It will supplement other material relating to the contemporary history of Phar Lap and the Museum, and will illustrate the continuing media and public interest in the fate of the horse.

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