Hazard sign from Kodak factory site at Coburg with six Hazchem warning labels: "Flammable Gas 2", "Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Gas 2", "Flammable Liquid 3", "Flammable Solid 4", "Oxidizing Agent 5" and "Corrosive 8". This sign was taken from Building 16, Photochemicals, eastern side, just before the factory was decommissioned in 2005. Production ceased in 2004.

Physical Description

Metal powder coated white with painted black inscription and black border. Has a hole in each corner for attaching to a wall, one corner is slightly bent. Six hazard stickers have been attached coloured red (1 and 3), green (2), red striped (4) , yellow (5) and white (now discoloured) (6).

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