Booklet entitled 'The Migrant and Human Rights' by the Hon. B.M. Snedden, Minister for Immigration. The booklet contains the text of an Address given by Snedden at the 16th State Conference of the Good Neighbour Council of Victoria on 25 October 1968.

The booklet contains sections on: 'The Meaning of Human Rights', 'Man's Age-old Concern for Human Rights', 'The Need for Vigilance', 'Australians and Human Rights', 'Legal Aspects and the Community', 'Human Rights, Migrants and the Law', 'The Law, Society and the Development of Human Rights', 'The Right to Dissent', and 'Human Rights and Community Attitudes'.

The booklet concludes: 'I believe that Australia compares favourably with many other countries. But we know that all is not perfect, and if we are to progress it is essential first to identify our imperfections, and then to overcome them. This is the continuing task which lies ahead.'

Physical Description

Staple-bound, blue cover booklet with black title text and12 pages plus the cover.

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