A book titled "A Fortran IV Primer", by Elliot I. Organick, published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1966.

From back cover: "A FORTRAN IV Primer is designed for courses in computer programming utilizing the FORTRAN IV language. The book treats introductory concepts concerning computers, algorithms, FORTRAN IV programming language and processors, flow charts, input-output, and real and integer arithmetic; and contains a thorough description of the use of FORTRAN IV with many different processors, particularly those of UNIVAC, IBM, GE, Honeywell, CDC, SDS, and Philco."

Physical Description

An approximately 270 page book, soft cover, bound spine. Glossy yellow cover, black text, image of part of logic diagram; extensive text and photograph of author on rear cover. White pages with extensive printed black text and diagrams. Price sticker on top right corner of front cover.

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