A binder containing several guide pamphlets for the IBM Constellation II and the IBM Personal Computer, produced by Corvus Systems, 1984.

Pamphlet Titles:
1. Read Me First, IBM Constellation II, Dec 1984
2. Omninet Network Station Installation Guide, IBM Personal Computer, Jul 1984 (4 copies)
3. Omnidrive Setup Instructions, Jan 1984
4. MS-DOS System Generation Guide, IBM Personal Computer, Dec 1984
5. System Manager Guide, IBM PC MSDOS 2.0, May 1984
6. Network Station User's Guide, MS-DOS 2.0, Apr 1984
7. OmniDrive Diagnostic Guide, Feb 1984
8. NCI P-System Network Station User Guide, IBM Personal Computer, Dec 1984 (2 copies)
9. Multiple Server Update Guide, IBM Personal Computer, Dec 1984

Physical Description

A compact three ring grey binder stored in a grey cardboard box. Contains several individual pamphlets; approximately 300 sectioned pages in total. External cover of binder and storage box has the corporate logo of Corvus Systems in lower right corner. White pages with extensive printed black text, illustrations and diagrams. Contains one sheets of note paper with handwritten text.

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