Cardboard box containing eight 'Silver Streak' branded tournament arrows, manufactured by Sherwood Archery Products Ltd, London England, 1950s.

Physical Description

A long rectangular cardboard box with a removable lid. There is a paper label (green printed text) attached with adhesive on the lid and the remains of a sticker label at one end of the box lid side. The arrows are held with cardboard supports and arranged 4 arrows wide by 2 arrows high. Each arrow is made of metal (possibly aluminium) and has a brand sticker. There are three green bands around the shaft, green and white fletching, a black nock and a pointed tip. One of the arrows has had the white fletching removed.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Leisure, Arms

  • Manufacturer

    Sherwood Archery Products Ltd, 77 Malham Road, London, England, Great Britain, 1950s

  • Inscriptions

    On arrows: ' Silver Streak' On paper label on top of box: ' Sherwood / Archery Products Limited / 77 Malham Road - Forest HIll / London, S.E.23 / Telephone: FORest Hill 1107 / SILVER / STREAK / [arrow images] / TOURNAMENT ARROWS / [arrow images] / Number 8 / Draw Length 26 inches / Nom. Weight 283 grains / Spine 65 G.N.A.S units / Nocks Black / Fletching Green & white / For Bow Wt. St: 29-35 pounds / Reference No. Comp: 24-30 / 009810 / MADE IN ENGLAND ' On label on side of box: same information as on top of box regarding arrow specifications.

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    Sport, Archery, Arrows

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    740 mm (Length), 108 mm (Width), 70 mm (Height)
    Above dimensions are for the cardboard box. Each arrow is 678 mm long and 6 mm diameter.

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    Archery, Sports, Sportsmen, Equipment