Alternative name(s): Brow Plate, Helmet Shield, Stirnpanzer, Brow Plate

Armour plate for fitting to a German "coal scuttle" type metal helmet. It would have originally had a strap to secure it to a helmet.

The provenance of the armour is unknown, but armour of this type was issued during World War I. It is likely to have been part of a 'suit of German W.W.I Body Armour in our collection' mentioned by then-curator E.J. Millett in a letter to the Director of the Australian War Memorial, Major J.J. McGrath, on 29 July 1960. The armour was displayed in a military exhibition at the Museum in December 1960. A German World War I uniform was borrowed from the War Memorial for the display. Its return was overlooked until the War Memorial followed up in late 1961.

Physical Description

Curved section of cast steel, shaped to fit over the front of a German "coal scuttle" type steel helmet. Slots on two sides for securing over helmet knobs and two slots for securing to the helmet with a leather strap (missing).

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