The Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company was formed in 1895 in Waterloo, Iowa, USA to concentrate on engines following an unsuccessful attempt to sell the Froelich tractor. By 1912 the company had once again become interested in tractor production with the Model L and Model R appearing in 1914. The 1917 Model N was an improved version with roller bearings and a two-speed gearbox. It retained the two-cylinder horizontal engine of the previous models. It was a sales success during the First World War and was exported to Britain under the 'Overtime' brand-name. The company was taken over by Deere & Co. in 1918 and the Model N remained in production until 1923.

This model of a Waterloo Boy Model N tractor was bequeathed to the Museum by the Estate of William McCook in 1995. It is a commercial model made in the USA by Ertil at Oysterville, Iowa.

Physical Description

Model of a "WATERLOO BOY" kerosene, farm tractor, for the "GASOLINE ENGINE CO., WATERLOO, IOWA. Made by ERTIL, OYSTERVILLE, IOWA, U.S.A". Model is made from cast metal parts. The main body is painted green, the engine is red, and the wheels are painted yellow. There are two small rotating wheels at the front, and two large rotating wheels at the back. A sticker for the tractor manufacturer's name plate is attached to the front of the model.

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