Publicity folder issued by Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Authority to commemorate the construction of the City Loop underground railway project. It contains a number of images of the construction process, and illustrations of the finished loop and Museum Station.

The creation of Melbourne Underground Rail Loop was an extraordinary undertaking, which changed the look and daily operation of Melbourne's central business district. Construction commenced in 1971, and the project was completed with the opening of Flagstaff Station in 1985. Before the Loop, around 90 per cent of all rail passengers travelling to the city travelled through Flinders Street Station. This caused serious congestion for both passengers and trains. The Loop provided customers with a choice of five stations around the central business district and avoided operational problems associated with trains having to reverse direction at Flinders Street.

As early as 1929, the Metropolitan Town Planning Commission recommended the construction of railway tracks and stations under the eastern and northern sides of the central business district, with connections to the existing railway system in the vicinity of North Melbourne and Richmond. The 1969 Melbourne Metropolitan Transport Plan also supported the need for an underground loop, and proposed a design similar to that finally agreed upon.

The first station, 'Museum', (now Melbourne Central) was officially opened on January 24th, 1981. The majority of items in this collection date from this time.

Physical Description

A rectangular glossy paper folder which consists of 6 fold out pages, with a photograph or illustration on both sides. When folded up, it is held in place by a paper flap, which contains information about the City Loop project.

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