Book entitled 'The Australian Emigrant's Manual, or a Guide to the Gold Colonies of New South Wales and Port Phillip', by John Dunmore Lang, London, 1852.

Born and educated in Scotland, Lang was the first Presbyterian minister in Sydney in 1823, and soon became a tireless advocate for immigration and education. He organised the migration of Scottish tradesmen and their families to Sydney in 1830, and promoted several other immigration schemes. In 1843 he was elected to represent the Port Phillip District in the Legislative Council in Sydney, and became an early advocate of separation of the Port Phillip colony from New South Wales. In 1846 he sailed to Britain to promote migration to Australia, through pamphlets, lectures, journalism and books. This book is one of several written by Lang promoting migration to Australia.

Physical Description

Small, worn hard cover book, 114 pages with brown, linen cover, with "LANG'S EMIGRANT MANUAL" written in gold on front.

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