Booklet titled 'British Empire & Commonwealth Games: Book of Instructions / Dates of Competitions / Names of Teams' issued in association with the 1962 British Empire & Commonwealth Games in Perth. It names the teams of the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Jersey).

Each team has a chapter dedicated to it, separated in to four or five sections: Officers B.E. & C.G. Council; Message; General Instruction (not Wales or Jersey) Words of Victory Anthem (not Northern Ireland); Names of Team. The 'Names of Team' section of each chapter contains the members of the teams, providing their addresses, occupations, previous competition results and the events in which they were to compete. The bulk of the booklet lists the competitors from each of these teams, also supplying their address, results in previous competitions and the events in which they are competing. The 'general instructions' provide a glimpse into the expectations of the organisers and the facilities they were able to provide to team members. In addition the booklet gives a complete program of events and times.

The logo of tobacco manufacturers Rothmans appears on the back of the booklet. Rothmans were the major sponsor of the Perth Games. Sponsorship of a sporting event by a tobacco company was not uncommon at the time.

The booklet comes from the estate of Harry Carpenter, a BBC Boxing commentator who attended international sporting competitions between the late 1950s and the late 1980s, including both the Perth 1962 Games and the Brisbane 1982 Commonwealth Games.

Physical Description

Paperback booklet, 100 pages. Cover is royal blue, with a Union Jack and a yellow panel on the front cover. The back cover bears the text 'Presented by Rothmans of Pall Mall' and the company's logo. Slight foxing of corners.

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