This typesetter was manufactured by the Monotype Corporation but the date of manufacture is unknown.

On a list of inventory of equipment of historical importance in the Victorian Government Printing Office, dated 15 September 1987, an item was recorded with a date of 1903. It had no given serial number. The item is designated 'Model 1' on a name tag, and may be the first Monotype purchased by the VGPO.

The letters on the keyboard are arranged in the same positions as on a normal typewriter, and the copy can be tapped by touch in much the same way. As the operator taps the copy, instructions for the automatic operation of type-casting are recorded by combination of perforations in the paper ribbon that unwinds at the top. Through the "message" on the ribbon, the keyboard tells the Caster what to do. The Caster is a separate machine, the keyboard ribbon being installed for its operation. Monotype was widely used for book work where it had an advantage over the Linotype in being able to set pages complete, reducing composing time.

Physical Description

Metal standing mechanism on stand with keyboard and mechanism for perforating paper tape


Monotypes with singe keyboards are extremely rare. This machine is possibly the first Monotype used in the Victorian Government Printing Office.

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