Education Kit 'Migrants in Australia', published by the Publications Branch of the Education Department of Victoria in 1974. The kit was purchased by the donor in a Melbourne opportunity shop around 2001-02. She purchased it out of interest as her husband's family migrated to Australia from Greece and he had often spoken of his experiences growing up in Australia, life at school and the pressures of assimilation. She thought the content of the kit would interest him, as something he could relate to (and it did).

Physical Description

The kit consists of a cardboard box with a lime green lid on which is printed the kit title 'Migrants in Australia' and an image of a group of children. The side of the lid has what is probably the logo of the Education Department of Victoria and is inscribed: 'Migrants in Australia. The Victorian Secondary Social Science Project. Published by the Publications Branch Education Department of Victoria.' It contains an Introductory teachers' booklet; 7 folders (each cover with topic title, images and multi coloured) containing activity and resource cards and posters; a set of 9 slides (in a plastic slide folder) of multicultural images of Melbourne (all identified and sourced t0 'SSSP Victoria, Visual Education Centre, Education Dept of Victoria'; and a set of 20 black and white 'study prints' (in a plastic folder) of people engaged in various social and workplace activities. The Introductory booklet contains a complete inventory of the contents of the kit (which has been checked and the kit is complete except for a cassette tape of interviews with migrant children which is missing).


The kit represents the new phase of multiculturalism being promoted by the Whitlam Government in the 1970s which would be continued by the Fraser government in the ensuing years. It demonstrates an effort to introduce the subject of migration and multiculturalism into secondary school curriculum, beyond issues of economy and policy, by focussing on ''the social and the personal - the lifestyles, problems and experiences of migrants' (kit introductory booklet 1974). The kit providing materials for discussion and debate on issues such as racism, assimilation, migrant social contributions, education, migrant communities and indigenous attitudes. The object is of significance for its capturing of what were considered key issues relating to migration at the time, and is of its time in terms of the newspaper articles selected from the late 1960s-early 1970s, the migrants groups case studied (Italians, Greeks, Turkish), the images select to represent social diversity and the inclusion of what were then up-to-the-minute policy papers by Al Grassby, Minister for Immigration.

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