Invitation to a dinner given by the Trustees of the Royal Exhibition Building on 29 March 1996. The dinner celebrated 'the completion of 116 years of service by the Exhibition Trustees, the restoration of the Great Hall, and the handing over of the Building to the Museum of Victoria'.

Physical Description

Elaborate invitation on cardboard folded in a fan shape.The invitation includes pen and ink sketches of the Trustees (Terence Ward, Michael Moon, Susan Calwell, Chairman Tom Edmunds, A.M., Deputy Chairman Rodney Davidson, A.O., O.B.E., LLB., Faye Dumont, Des Bethke, O.A.M.); and Director, Linton Lethlean. The other side of the invitation includes pen and ink sketches of the exterior of the Royal Exhibition Building, a view in the British Court at the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880; Centennial International Exhibition, 1888; the opening of the First Commonwealth Parliament, 1901; Grand Organ and Choir; Penny Farthing Championship, 1882; The Aquarium (destroyed by fire, 1953); and The Australian War Museum.

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