Catalogue 'The Annual International Motor Show, 1938', issued for 12th Annual International Motor Show, held from 19 - 28 May, 1938. The show was under the control of the Chamber of Automotive Industries. The catalogue includes information about the cars on show, and advertisements for manufacturers and exhibitors. Inserted into the catalogue is a piece of trade literature advertising the Hillman Minx Roadster and Sports Tourer.

Physical Description

72 page booklet with a coloured cover showing two children on a globe in front of the Exhibition Building.


Motor Shows within the Exhibition Building during the 1930s were lavish events, complete with brass band entertainment, lounge bars and dining rooms, motorbike races, and a special section for women motorists, 'The Creche', where 'light' and 'baby' cars were displayed. By the 1950s, more Australians were able to afford their own cars, and a wider range of middle-range cars was available. These catalogues give detailed information about the types of cars on display and a range of accessories that could be purchased for the 'Motoring age'.
These three catalogues are also graphically interesting as their coloured covers show the Exhibition Building. There is scope for their use in publicity and for reproductions for the shop.

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