Membership card for 'Ceskoslovensti Amateri Vysilaci' (CAV), amateur radio broadcasters club, issued to Bretislav Lukes in 1948. The card states that annual membership includes subscription for 'short Waves' magazine. Born 12 January 1922 in Stankou in Czechoslovakia, Bretislav claims to have worked for the Germans during the war in Junkers aircraft factory. He migrated to Australia in 1950 after spending time in an IRO camp following World War Two. Sent to Bonegilla upon arrival, Bretislav completed his compulsory employment at Australian Iron and Steel at Port Kembla, probably on the Snowy Hydro-electric Scheme. When his two year labour contract was completed he moved to Melbourne where he lived for the rest of his life, although he did return to Czechoslovakia and other parts of Europe to visit friends and family.

Physical Description

Small green piece of paper, printed black text with black ink annotations and black stamp 'Praha' 9/11/1948

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