Serviette ring made of a strip of celluloid that can be slotted together to make a circuit. The serviette ring was produced as a souvenir for the Melbourne & Victorian Centenary Celebrations of 1934 -35. It shows John Batman gazing in wonder at the great city that has risen since its founding 100 years ago. Elevated to heroic status, Batman was reinvented as a courageous pioneer whose life exemplified the rewards of self-improvement.

Many of the souvenirs of the centenary of European settlement of Victoria show a similar motif to this souvenir: they highlight the male pioneers reflecting on the results of their efforts in the development of Melbourne as a world-class city. Sometimes an Aboriginal male was shown looking on in wonder at the growth of the city. The main graphic theme for the Centenary was 'Then' versus 'Now'; there was a strong sense of history and of change over time, and a strong feeling of looking back in pride.

Physical Description

Strip of celluloid, made into a circular serviette ring, stamped with a coloured transfer of a pioneer with gun looking at the city of Melbourne.

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