Black and white photograph from an album containing a personal story of Julius Toth's immigration experience and a collection of 40 photo reproductions. Inscription in Hungarian on reverse of photograph reads: "Flood protection of Mohács 1956." Julius left Hungary late in 1956 following the unsuccessful Hungarian revolution and subsequent Soviet Occupation. He escaped to Austria where he spent three months in Displaced Persons Camps before migrating to Australia in March 1957. This image is one of six which record Julius' life in Hungary and his family. The trip this photograph was taken on was Julius' first adventure, when he and some friends volunteered to help rebuild a flooded village in Southern Hungary in 1956. Without a permit travel in Hungary was difficult and this trip was his first taste of travel and freedom, it also sparked his love for camping.

Description of Content

Seven men, dressed in shirts and pants, all are either smoking a cigarette or holding one. Five are standing, one is crouched down and the other is lying on the ground. They are standing in front of a large tent. This photograph was taken while Julius Toth was doing voluntary work on Mohacs Island (a marshy area on the Danube).

Physical Description

Square shaped, black and white coloured reproduction photograph with decorative white border.

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