Black and white photograph from an album containing a personal story of Julius Toth's immigration experience and a collection of 40 photo reproductions. Julius left Hungary late in 1956 following the unsuccessful Hungarian revolution and subsequent Soviet Occupation. He escaped to Austria where he spent three months in Displaced Persons Camps before migrating to Australia in March 1957. This image is one of six which record a trip Julius made from Melbourne to Queensland in the 1959 Christmas holidays. They took enough money for food and petrol but didn't count on breaking down several times along the Newell Highway on the journey home. They eventually made it to a friend's in Albury where they could fix the car, having spent the last 100 miles of the trip stopping continuously to fill a flat tyre with newspaper so it wouldn't disintegrate. The Inscription in Hungarian on the reverse of photograph reads: "On the road to Queensland's interior - almost 300km - was not even a house along the way. It was all along the road as straight just like this, maybe three bendings and smaller slopings. We met merely one car (indigenous people, they went somewhere with the truck), We traveled one and a half days, because the road was in a relative poor condition (we also shot the Kangaroos here). The coolant in the car was constantly overheating."

Description of Content

Man standing by the open boot of a car which is parked by the side of a dirt road. He is leaning on a shotgun whilst a second man, who has his back to the camera, is looking at something in the boot. Native trees and bushes line either side of the road.

Physical Description

Landscape format, black and white reproduction photograph with a decorative, white border.

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