Gathering: 2003 Yarram Gathering

Authors: Words by local farmers Holly and Val Colbert (Yarram Committee member) set to the tune of Waltzing Matilda, which was sung with great enthusiasm.


Once some Jolly Farmers wives, met alongside Warragul
Amidst the fog and the Strezlecki range.
And they chattered as they learn, new skills to take back home that day
We'll make a gathering that women can share.

Women on Farms, fruit, vegies and palms
Dairy, beef, goats, wool and wine
and they sang as they journeyed
To and from their gatherings, women on farms, our saviour.

Numbers grew and also the gatherings,
We need a banner to display said Sea Lake,
Numerkah gave Pride in Ourselves,
Opening irrigation channels for others to follow,
We'll make a gathering that women can share.

Unity, Diversity worked magic from Tallangatta
Survival and Support from Glenormiston's Success,
Swan Hill kept the Strength up to look after our Rural Communities
We'll make a gathering that women can share.

As many we are one, Ararat led us in fun,
Over the Fence-Across the World Bendigo our
motherboard was born and we are now eight years young,
We'll make a gathering that women can share.


United we Meet-United we stand, we met the Mallee and Ouyen,
Capturing isolation and generosity
We'll make a gathering that women can share

Celebrations were held at Warragul,
Success from Challenge
The work boot was born.
The pigeons all flew home,
The New Millennium saw us Dare to Dream
With a horseshoe at Yarra Valley- Healesville
We've made a gathering that women can share.

By buses they came, the North East,
our hosts were from Beechworth
With secret Women's Business and mountains
rich in history,
A spring brought us together with The New Pioneers
Knowledge is gained from history told.


With Ranges of Opportunity, diversity, business and tourism,
The Macedon ranges opened up to their arms,
So you can see now, South Gippsland has joined with
Securing the Future
We've made a gathering that all can share.


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