Brian Bentley immigrated to Australia from England with his family in 1948 at the age of 20. Brian was running away from a broken romance at the time, and decided to emigrate as his whole family had already decided to leave England. The family had originally intended to immigrate to New Zealand, as they had an uncle living there. However when the uncle died they decided to immigrate to Australia instead after being told of the opportunities which awaited them there, by Australia House in London.

They all paid full fares for the voyage as they did not wish to wait for the assisted passage scheme. They travelled on the Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line Ship the TSS Moreton Bay. Brain describes the journey as exciting, with a long stop in Egypt and great meals.

On arrival in Melbourne the women in the family stayed at Travellers aid in King Street, which only accommodated women, while the men found dormitories at the Salvation Army a few doors down. The family eventually settled in houses in Pascoe Vale which they built themselves while living in a caravan.

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