Gathering: 1994 Glenormiston Gathering.

Author: Meg Barry, 1994. Meg was on the committee for the 1994 Glenormiston Gathering, and was involved in the Opening Ceremony and entertainment/songs.


Oh, Springtime it brings on the shearing
Then you will see us in droves
At our trusty old slow combustions
Baking cup cakes and no-fail nut loaves

Making beds and answering Faxes
Boil the kettle and fill the thermos
Lend a ha-nd skirting and pressing
And a 'Good on you, Gert' from the Boss

Afternoon it brings on the droving
With faithful old kelpie, Jock
On my smart four -wheel Suzuki
Drafting re-cal-ci-trant stock

Richard Forbes says it's cold, wet and windy
The Bureau says 'Grazier's Alert'
Let's move sheep to the eucalypt laneways
Put the housework on hold, for now Gert

And then when the shearing is over,
And the wool cheque is half of last year's
It's then you will see this wool grower
Wondering why all the blood , sweat and tears

I sit by my fire, my wheel spinning
And feel in my hand that fine fleece
I know that I'm value adding
And I'm a wool grower at peace.

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