General Sir Edmund Francis (Ned) Herring (2 September 1892-5 January 1982) was a renowned Australian senior officer in World War II. In September 1942 he became commander of New Guinea Force. He also served in World War I, earning the Distinguished Service Order and the Military Cross.

Herring later served for 20 years as Victoria's Chief Justice, and was Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria for a record 27 years, retiring at the age of 80 in 1972. He was also Chancellor of the Diocese of Melbourne, and President of the Boy Scouts' Association of Victoria for 23 years and, from 1958, President of the Australian Boy Scouts' Association. His remarkable range of roles also included chairman of the trustees of the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance (1945-79) and the Australian War Memorial (1959-74).

Late in Herring's life his wife Dame Mary Herring contacted the Museum of Victoria with a view to donating his military collection to the Museum. Although he had a deep association with the Australian War Memorial, she felt that her husband had 'far closer links with Victoria than with a Canberra based institution such as the Australian War Memorial or the National Library of Australia, both of which will make strong claims for ownership.' (12/8/1980, Director F.J. Kendall to Premier Hamer). It was hoped that the collection would eventually become part of a war memorabilia museum in Melbourne. The collection, comprising 141 items (including parts), was received by the Museum in 1980, and the donation formalized in 1988.


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