On September 29, 1944, a young man in airforce uniform walked into the Comfort Shirt and Underclothing factory. Stepping in for his ill father-in-law, Saul Same had little time to learn the business of the ragtrade. The Company had a staff of 12 and the main work entailed making underwear and polo shirts for the army. By the end of the war the company was making boys shirts and then moved into mens shirts.

In 1951 a shirt was produced from 30 denier Nylon and marketed under the name Glo-Weave. The 'Glo' representing the lustre of the fabric; 'weave' because, although the fabric was warpknitted, it looked woven. The shirt became so popular that in 1954 the company became Gloweave Proprietary Limited.

Innovative advertising campaigns in print and in the new world of television commenced. In the late 1950's Gloweave was a major advertising sponsor of In Melbourne Tonight, Channel 9's groundbreaking show hosted by Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton. Kennedy proved a very popular advertiser. He helped make Gloweave a household name and popularised the "Love me in my Gloweave" slogan.

Gloweave continued manufacturing shirts at their Brunswick Street factory in Fitzroy until the 1990s, when falling import tariffs made local manufacturing unprofitable. Today Gloweave Consolidated Pty Ltd continues selling shirts in Australia, but now they are manufactured offshore in Asia.

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