Leslie Charles Leech married Eileen Ruby in Collingwood on 2nd September 1927. The couple lived initially in Carramar Avenue, Camberwell, and then moved to a small rural holding in Croydon in the late 1940s, named 'Green Mountains'. This small farm was approximately 2-3 acres, and was located on Alice Street, Croydon. Leslie and Eileen established a poultry farm, which they built up to over 1,000 poultry, and which provided a supplementary income for the Leech family. Leslie's main occupation was working as a watchman at the Note Printing Branch, at the Melbourne Mint.

Leslie Leech built the sheds to house the chickens and incubators; and delivered the eggs in his car to local shops and individuals. As Leslie's job involved shift work and his hours of work were not fixed, Eileen was primarily responsible for the management and care of the poultry farm. Eileen killed and dressed the chickens for sale locally and managed the many dozens of eggs produced daily. Eileen also cared for their three children, David born in 1938, Andre born in 1942, and Andrew born in 1950. The three children were also involved in the many small daily jobs around the farm like washing and weighing eggs. Eileen was also a successful breeder of Blue Healer and Red Kelpie dogs.

In the early 1950s Leslie purchased the International Titan 10-20 tractor second-hand from a Jung farmer, Mr Eyers, in the Wimmera, Victoria. It is probable that Leslie became aware of the tractor through his sister-in-law who lived about 2 1/2 miles away from Mr Eyers. The Titan tractor was used to plough the paddock in which feed for the chickens was grown. Leslie was the only person to drive the tractor; at the time of purchase it was an old machine and was considered very dangerous.

The photograph of the Titan tractor at 'Green Mountains' features Leslie driving holding Andrew in his lap, with Andre seated on the disc cultivator being pulled by the tractor. There is a hessian bag on the water tank to retain the condensation and prevent the loss of moisture. The rear wheels have large bolts to provide better traction. The front of the water tank has white text which reads: "Nesbit [unclear] Limited......Melbourne". It is possible that the water tank was fitted by Leslie, as it appears to be a 44 gallon drum.

The tractor was donated to Museum Victoria in 1964, in preparation for the Leech family relocation to Cairns. Leslie retired in 1965; the farm was sold and Leslie, Eileen and Andrew moved to Cairns to live in 1966. David had already moved to Cairns in 1963; and Andre, her husband Mick and their family relocated to Cairns in 1973.

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