This is what Luke wrote about his experience on Black Saturday:


On the morning of Black Saturday I played cricket in Woori Yallock and hit six fours, my highest score yet. I remember that it was really hot and my mum was spraying us all with a spray bottle, then it got really windy while we were still playing.

When we got home we stayed inside, we had the air conditioner on and were watching movies.

In the afternoon, dad was outside tidying up with the blower and getting the hoses and pumps out. Mum and I went out to move things off the decking and wetting it down with the hose. Dad got me to fill the gutters with water. He saw the flames first and yelled out to mum. We all ran inside to get changed. The flames were all over the hill in front of us and coming up the gully towards us. The wind suddenly changed direction, if it hadn't the fire would have been up to us in minutes.

We watched the hills around us burn and glow red all night.'

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