This is what Josh wrote about his bushfire painting:

'My picture is about Black Saturday of course. It is in Marysville. It's got burnt houses and bodies because they didn't get away on time.

Phil is my sister's best friend's dad, he is with badger Creek fire brigade and he went up to Marysville and he fought the bush fires. The police car is escorting some firemen.

On Black Saturday I started off at my house it was 43'C. Jordan was having a play at my house and we were going to pick up my cousin from Lalor. But when we were halfway there my dad rang. My mum's smile turned to a worried look and I could hear Dad yelling and the car went silent. We turned around and mum said there was a fire at Dads and we needed to go and get the dog in case it came to Healesville. We went home and checked the CFA site to see what was happening. We got our dog then went to get my cousin but mum said we had to be quick so we could get home just in case.

I was scared for my Dad because when we rang his phone he didn't answer and the fire was at his house. He lived in Granton (Near Marysville). When we got to Yarra glen there was a little fire on the side of the road but there was a fire truck there so mum said not to worry. But after we picked up our cousin and we were on our way home we got to Yarra Glen and a police man stopped up and said we couldn't get to Healesville cause there was fires. There was a burnt car on the side of the road right next to our car. There was lots of smoke and lots of cars stopped on the side of the road. My mum rang my Nanny cause she was in Broadford and the radio said there was fires there but she said she would be safe and not to worry.

We went to my mum's friend Lou's place to stay there til we could go home. There was lots of people there. Lou's husband Joel's mum and dad were there cause there house had just burnt down. They were really sad. Joel let me and Jordan play his PS3 [Play Station 3]. Dad texted mum and said he was ok so that made me feel better. Mum rang one of her friends and asked if they could get the photos from our house just in case, I asked if they could get my tet tut (teddy) too cause I didn't want him to get burnt. When it got dark we sat out the front talking to people and watching the fire. We could see it all on the hill in front of Lou's and sometimes things looked like they were exploding like bombs.

When it was really late the police man said the road was open to Lilydale so mum put us in the car and we left. When we left Yarra glen there was fire on the side of the road as we were driving out. We had to drive the long way home cause all the roads were closed and police kept stopping is to say we couldn't go down there. When we got home I was scared of mum going to sleep. I was scared that if she went to sleep the fire would come and we wouldn't know. She promised she wouldn't go to sleep and would keep the radio on so we knew if it was coming.

When we got up there was brunt sticks everywhere and it was still really smokey. Mum had packed all our special things and some clothes and stuff in the car in case we had to run away. Lots of our friends had their houses burnt down at Marysville and Narbethong. When my Dad got to come down to us he said his house was ok but they couldn't live their anymore cause everything else got burnt. Mu motor bike gear was in the shed and all of it got burnt. We went and saw it after a week. All of dads sheds burnt down and I found bits of my helmet burnt and some of Dads tools.

I still get scared that the fire might happen again. Most of all in summer when it is hot. I get worried if I see smoke or fire trucks. My sister friends dad Phil is a fire man and he helped lots of people and he said he will ring me if there's a fire so that is good.'

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