In 1912 Rose Soady, artist Norman Lindsay's lover and model, bought 42 acres of bushland at Faulconbridge. Over the years they transformed the estate with classical elements, including colonnades and a Roman courtyard to the house and fountains, a bush swimming pool and sculptures of nymphs, satyrs and sirens in the gardens. The property became known as Springwood. Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) created etchings, oils, watercolours, pen drawings and novels at Springwood, including the much-loved Australian children's classic, The Magic Pudding. Writers, painters and many notables visited Springwood, drawn by Lindsay's creativity, Rose's hospitality and the unique atmosphere of the house and grounds.

Springwood is now a museum housing a significant collection of Lindsay's art, the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

The National Trust of Australia (NSW) is an independent, non-government, community-based organisation. It was formed in 1945 to prevent the destruction of built and natural heritage. Today it is Australia's oldest and largest organisation for the protection of heritage.

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