A conference on Automatic Computing Machines, arranged by CSIRO, was held in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Sydney on 7th - 9th August 1951.

The Conference Proceedings volume was published in Melbourne in April 1952.

The conference was divided into two sessions.

Session I was intended to provide a review of the science of computing and an outline of recent developments. The session included demonstrations of Australian built computing related equipment. The aim of the session was to encourage the interest of potential users not necessarily involved in the development or operation of automatic computing machines.

Session II was designed to cater for personnel actually involved in developing computer hardware, and devising computer programmes and related mathematical methods and models.

The conference included an exhibition of calculating machines of various types including the CSIR Mk1, and demonstrations of their application to mathematical problems.

Title of Conference Proceedings

(as it appears on title page & cover)

PROCEEDINGS OF CONFERENCE ON AUTOMATIC COMPUTING MACHINES held in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Sydney August 1951



Description of Proceedings

Softcover bound volume; 220 pages; approx. 20 x 24.8 cms; also includes 12 full page photographs (not included in normal pagination), and 35 schematic diagrams (also not include in normal pagination). There are also various schematic diagrams and tables included in the text but these are included in the normal pagination. Total number of pages is therefore 267 pages.
(Note: On the front cover in faint pencil now almost erased there is an inscription “Mr G.W. Hill”, i.e. the volume probably once belonged to programmer Geoff Hill).

Contents of Proceedings

(i) Title page
(ii) Preface or Introduction (not labelled as such) (p.1)
(iii) Index (pp.2-3)
(iv) Address of Welcome by Em. Prof Sir John Madsen (pp.4-9)

(v) Session I (pp.10-56) 46p
Paper I Introduction to Automatic Calculating Machines by Prof. D.R. Hartree. (pp.10-17)
Paper II The CSIRO Differential Analyser by Prof. D.M. Myers, & W.R. Blunden. (pp.18-28)
Paper III Automatic Digital Calculating Machines by Prof. D.R. Hartree. (pp.29-41)
Paper IV Digital Calculating Machines used by CSIRO by T. Pearcey & M. Beard (pp.42-50)
Discussion on Papers I to IV (pp.51-56)

(vi) Session II (pp.57-207) 150p
Paper V Introduction to Programming by Prof. D.R. Hartree (pp.57-78)
Discussion (pp.78-80)
Paper VI Programming for the CSIRO Digital Machine by T. Pearcey (pp.81-90)
Discussion (pp.90-92)
Paper VII Automatic Calculating Machines and Numerical Methods by Prof. D.R. Hartree (pp.93-103)
Discussion (pp.104-106)
Paper VIII Programming for Punched Card Machines by T. Pearcey (pp.107-121)
Discussion (pp.121-126)
Paper IX The Functional Design of an Automatic Computer by T. Pearcey (pp.127-138)
Discussion (pp.138-141)
Paper X Some New Developments in Equipment for High-Speed Digital Machines by Prof. D.M. Myers, & D.L. Hollway, C.B. Speedy and B.F. Cooper (pp.142-170)
Discussion (pp.171-173)
Paper XI Some Analogue Computing Devices by Prof. D.M. Myers (pp.174-184)
Paper XII Digital-Analogue Conversions by W.R. Blunden (pp.185-195)
Paper XIII An Analogue Computer to Solve Polynomial Equations with Real Coefficients by Prof. E.O. Willoughby, & G.A. Rose and W.G. Forte (pp.196-199)
Discussion on Papers XI to XIII (p. 200)

General Discussion (pp.201-207)
Exhibition of Equipment and Demonstrations (pp.208-209)
Acknowledgments (p.210)
Bibliography (pp.211-213)
List of Registrations (pp.214-220)

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