Dear Graham,

Well, he said, so the conquering hero has returned! Welcome back to Aussie old POW. I've instructed honourable spouse to do the honours for me, but I suspect that she has designs of her own, so mind the lipstick. I'm assuming that as I now write you'll be on your way, as my latest information is that you hoped to be leaving England shortly. This is my excuse for not having written there. Let's hope anyway that it arrives home in time to greet you. I'm only sorry that I cannot be there too, even if only to see that Joy doesn't get too pasho and extravagant with her kisses. Still it's a good thing for her to keep in practice.

But a few words about my humble self, as your espionage system will have told you, then Borneo and Balikpapan in particular is at present honoured by my presence. Still I guess that what you haven't read about our landing here will have been told you by Joy so I'll not dally over that. Sufficient to say that the fortnight we've been here has been all that is necessary for the Japs to clear out of the vicinity. I take credit that my face had much to do with this. Of course a couple went to ground but I think that they must still be digging as they certainly don't show their faces in daylight. Apparently the powers that be have not realised my value as I've been left some miles now from the scene of activity. Well that's not quite right as there is plenty of activity here but you know what I mean. Work as spelt with a capital wabble you.

Having spent so much time in England, you'll be able to appreciate the devastation which surrounds us. I think that it would be much the same take with the exception that as the houses are mainly of coconut leaves with bamboo supports, and then they are inclined to be a bit more inflammable. Consequently there is just heaps of rubble. Some, of course, stand ruined and are being burned off, this helps to solve the problem of disposing of the bodies of nips and natives killed in them. The natives all profess to loathe the Japs although there appears to have been quite a bit of cross breeding I can't tell them apart sometimes. The natives had nearly all cleaned out of course, but are now returning. Still Nip has taken almost all of the young women with him. He certainly has a dirty mind as captured snaps have shown. But this is common knowledge as you are aware.

Having spent the winter in England, I guess that you are crooked on the idea of having to spend another straight away. If you really do want to get warm, then I'll recommend here. It's guaranteed to keep you sweating all day every day just as the rain will wash your clothes while you are wearing them, not that the weather is particularly severe at present. So on second thoughts I think that you can leave the Squadron down there and continue to toast your toes at the fire. Anyway you'd have much better company in the form of matches or at least half of them. When does the balloon go up old son? Don't tell me that you are waiting for me to send you a Jap to act as page boy. Also I'm wondering what the latest idea for you will be. No doubt you'll have quite a spell of leave and will then probably get a posting near home for a while, but what happens then? Will you try to get out, or not? All of which means that I'm wondering whether you'll be around when I get leave again say in five years time. But then if you are well and truly snared by then, maybe that problem will be solved. Even though it is only just over a month since I was home, if feels more like years. I'd sure hate to be away as long as you have been. Joy has written up telling me of your Mum's visits to her and 25th and I've been pleased about it. They all like her immensely just as I do. As for the rest of the family then hows about teaching them how to play monopoly.

Really, old son, there is nothing else to tell you at present. The paper and envelope, by the way, is open kind favours of info. So have a good time, all the best, cheerio, etc etc Alay

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